IKME – Socio-Political Studies Institute is a civic organization that aims to promote freedom, democracy, socialism, social justice, and European values.

IKME participates actively in the promotion of socio-political cooperation between the communities of all Cypriots for peace, stability, and the development of political consciousness in a common federal homeland.

To fulfil its goals, IKME:

  1. Undertakes the application and coordination of activities, projects and programs for the study and promotion of social, political, economic, and related issues.
  2. Organizes seminars, conferences, training workshops, lectures, and other related activities.
  3. Establishes relations, contacts, and collaborations in Cyprus and abroad with other institutions, centres, committees, individuals, and groups to support and implement its goals.
  4. Publishes, translates, distributes, and promotes printed or electronic books, magazines, brochures, and other media related to its purposes.


IKME was founded in Cyprus and has been operating since 1996 as a civil non-profit company whereas since 2002 it is registered as an NGO Association.


IKME – Secretariat
3 Costa Ourani
1076 Nicosia

Phone +357 22377776 / +357 99484776

ikme (aτ) gmail (dοt) com

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