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Senior to Elderly - Dissemination


All partners will participate actively and with equal rights and obligations in the development process of project and products; therefore immediate access to all project results and products will be assured.

To support this process:

  • a remote communication network will be created, where participants will exchange information via e-mail and telephone communication

  • all project information, progress, events will be placed on the project¢s website

  • participants will communicate actively and exchange information during the project meetings and by the presentations of partner countries regarding the project¢s progress

  • to ensure the dissemination of results and products, multiple methods will be used in partner organizations; after each international meeting participants will organize workshop in their organization for sharing the experience

  • Lesson brochures with information in English and in each country¢s native language will be produced

  • A narrative video with testimonials in all languages will tell the story of the evolution of the project

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