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Senior to Elderly - Activities


The project aims to share best practices among participating partners from Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Hungary through workshops, electronic connections & communication and by posting information on the website.

The project will cooperate closely with NGOs, local communities, State institutions, government agencies. By this it will ensure both the understanding of the needs of the target groups as well as the dissemination of the results and products.

The working language will be English so some participants will improve their language skills though language training. A wider audience of learners is involved in the process of the project lifecycle using multiple methods. The evolution of the project's lifecycle will be filmed and made available as part of the final training material.

The first stage consists of the introduction of participants, interchanges of project staff, accomplishment of researches, collecting and summarizing of material about each participating country¬Ęs situation of senior and elderly people in society: social, demographical, medical aspects, voluntary activity.

The second stage will consist of the interchange of learners and distribution of best practices and valuable experience. During this phase the modules for the palliative care will be prepared.

The third stage will involve the senior volunteers in the active learning process through simulation, testing and evaluation of the learning material.

The final products consisting of:

(a) Training courses

(b) Good practices and examples and

(c) The evolution of the project development story will be published in paper brochure and in CD-ROM format.

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