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Competencies acquired working as volunteer may be validated and accredited! Learn and get the benefit.

EURAVON (European System for Recognition And Validation Of Non-formal & Informal Youth Learning Deriving From Voluntary Civil Service) is a EC funded project, under the Erasmus+ programme (KA2- Strategic Partnership for Youth), which is completed by 7 partners from Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Netherlands.

IKME undertakes to supervise and witness the accreditation of volunteers that may be performed by volunteering organisations with the use of EURAVON Evaluation Toolkit. Volunteering Organisations who would like to use the free online system may contact IKME or call us +35722377776 for support.

Projects & Activities


EURAVON (European System for Recognition And Validation Of Non-formal & Informal Youth Learning Deriving From Voluntary Civil Service) is a EC funded project, under the Erasmus+ programme (KA2- Strategic Partnership for Youth), which will be completed by 7 partners from 4 different countries, namely Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Netherlands. EURAVON aims to create a systematic tool for monitoring, recognition and certification of key transversal competencies acquired via non-formal and informal learning during voluntary service experiences, which also enables the transfer of EU mobility in that sector.

Project announcement (EL)


Cypriots' Voice

Cypriots' Voice is a socio-political group consisting of active members of the Cypriot civil society sharing the vision of a common multicultural Cyprus where all inhabitants of all communities could live in conditions of freedom, democracy, equality, social justice, and respect of human rights and in accordance with the principles of the European Union.


The Right of Access to Information in Cyprus

An EU-funded initiative that aims at advancing the Right to Know in Cyprus.

The project responds to a generalized lack of information in Cyprus about the latest European and global developments on the right of access to information. It aims to stimulate civic action to improve government transparency and foster citizen participation.


Cypriots' Oral History (CYBIHI)

Cypriots' Bi-communal Oral History (CYBIHI) project is operated by IKME (Sociopolitical Studies Institute) and BILBAN (Information Bank) and it aims to produce video interviews of Turkish and Greek Cypriots who lived in mixed villages in Cyprus before 1974, or even before 1963. The interviewees’ pattern is prepared on the basis of a structured research methodology and it is approved by interested individuals and Organisations at “Open forum” meetings.


Integration Program for School Dropouts

Main aims of the project are:

  1. develop educational approaches in a supportive environment at work to young people dropping out of school,
  2. develop reintegration programs include communications, new technologies, cultural education and socio-occupational training,
  3. create thematic network dedicated to training for young workers who work as apprentice.


Senior to Elderly

The central idea of the project is by using non-formal learning methods to improve and encourage the participation of senior people, especially women, in voluntary activities of NGOs, local communities and social work services, in providing moral and social palliative assistance required by elderly people.


German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Programme

The aim is to bring young people from Cyprus and Germany together within the framework of tri-communal projects. Every year an exchange takes place either in Germany or in Cyprus alternately. We want to strengthen the relations between the German and Cypriot partner organisations and create friendships between the participants. At the same time, we see our project as a contribution to the development of the European Union on the civil society level.


Cyprus Community Media Center (CCMC)

Established in 2009, the Cyprus Community Media Center (CCMC) works to empower civil society organisations and community groups with the tools to communicate their message to a wider audience. Through training and dedicated production support, equipment loan and access to a state-of-the-art production studio, CCMC promotes the benefits of community-based media by giving people the skills to be in control of their own messages. We believe that through our work we can be an example of best practice, aiding the establishment of a vibrant community media sector in Cyprus.

IKME is a founding member of CCMC and is currently represented in the Governing Board of CCMC.

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