Blue Flower

The goals were achieved through the following activities:

  1. Preparation of methodology. This guided the research and ensured competence, comprehensiveness, reliability and the codification structure of the collected data.

  2. Identification of interviewees. The researchers’ teams used a transparent, open and fair selection procedure in order to identify 150 interviewees among the sample of citizens who lived in mixed villages or town quarters in 1974 covering comprehensively the range of the topics mentioned above.  The selection was reviewed by open forum meetings open to all interested parties.

  3. Collection/recording of data. The researchers on each side performed the actual collection of the data through face-to-face interviews recorded on camera. The collected material was evaluated by interested experts at open forum meetings and then scripted and translated into Turkish/Greek/English.

  4. Electronic database generation. IT experts structured, codified, edited; added subtitles and loaded the data onto an electronic database.