Blue Flower

Cypriots' Bi-communal Oral History (CYBIHI) project is operated by IKME (Sociopolitical Studies Institute) and BILBAN (Information Bank) and it aims to produce Digital Video taped interviews of Turkish and Greek Cypriots who lived in mixed villages in Cyprus before 1974, or even before 1963. The interviewees’ pattern is prepared on the basis of a structured research methodology and it is approved by interested individuals and Organisations at “Open forum” meetings.

The interviews were edited and loaded on a computer database. The database Index and summaries of the interviews are available on the internet. Interested parties can request from IKME to provide the interviews on DVD / CD media for use within the scope of the project i.e.  “The development of a positive attitude between the two communities by highlighting previous patterns of interaction in instances of mixed-community living, hopefully promoting the values of tolerance and understanding among the public from both communities who will participate in or be exposed to the results of the project’s activities”.